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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where To Buy Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters?

Where can I buy Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters? That's the question that every parent will be asking themselves this Christmas time, as they search for the hottest toy on the market, the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster (formerly known as Go Go Pet Hamsters).

Hint: I'll talk about where you can buy them below, but the quickest way is to buy them online from Amazon.

Where To Find Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters?

You SHOULD be able to buy a Zhu Zhu Pets hamster at a toy shop near you. The big toy store chains, such as Toys R Us, will all be carrying them. You'll also be able to get them at stores such as Walmart and Target. In fact, any toy store not planning to go out of business will be carrying these popular pet hamsters.

As well as buying them from a physical store, you can also buy Zhu Zhu Pets online. Personally, I find this much more convenient. No need to go out into the rush, just find the product online, place an order and wait for it to turn up a couple of days later.

The number one place to buy Zhu Zhu Pets online is Amazon. You'll notice that I only to link to Amazon on this site. They are a reputable seller and you can often find items cheaper on Amazon than you can in a physical store (though not necessarily in the Zhu Zhu Pets case!).

If you want to purchase Zhu Zhu Pets via Amazon, you can either go there directly or you can browse the full range of Zhu Zhu Pets products on our site and follow the links to the product you want to buy.

Ebay is another option, although I've heard stories of over inflated prices on eBay. Amazon occasionally suffers from this, but the problem doesn't seem to be anywhere near as bad. Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable buying Zhu Zhu Pets on eBay. Neither would I buy from smaller shops online as they don't have the same reputation that Amazon has.

But The Zhu Zhu Pets Are Sold Out

One of the recurring themes I've noticed is that people are having trouble finding any Zhu Zhu Pets products left in the shops.

Have a look at the Twitter section of my latest Zhu Zhu Pets On The Web roundup. Out of the 15 tweets I've listed, 8 are about people desperately looking for Zhu Zhu Pets, while 3 are from people celebrating that they have finally found some. Apparently neither ToysRUs, Target, or Walmart can keep any Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters in stock. The tweets mention people sleeping outside ToysRUs, or camping out at Target, just to buy Zhu Zhu Pets!

Also, when I look at the search terms people have used to arrive at this website, I can find similar themes. Here are just some of the real search terms that have been entered into Google:

  • does anyone know when the zhu zhu pets will be back in stock
  • when will walmart get more zhu zhu hamsters
  • when is the best days to get zhu zhu pets at walmart
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  • where can you buy winkie zhu zhu pet
  • looking for zhu zhu pets accessories

Okay then! People are obviously having trouble finding Zhu Zhu Pets in the conventional stores and asking for help in their search for them. I have an answer for these people below!

Another thing I noticed were the following search terms:

  • can't find zhu zhu pets in canada
  • where do they sell zhu zhu in canada?
  • when will zhu zhu pets be available in canada?

Okay, so people in Canada are wondering where to buy Zhu Zhu Pets in Canada. Fair enough. People all around the world are wondering the very same thing. There will be people wanting to buy Zhu Zhu Pets in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and probably hundreds of other countries. Once again, I have the answer for these people below!

The Answer: Zhu Zhu Pets Are Available Online!

Yes that's right! Go to Amazon's Zhu Zhu Pets page and you'll see that there are Zhu Zhu Pets products available. For example, right now at the time of posting, Mr Squiggles is available - there are 176 new ones that can be bought.

Admittedly, the cost is a little higher than if you manage to get one at Walmart, but you can buy one right now! No sleeping in front of the store. No running around from store to store. Simply go to Amazon, place an order and your Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster will turn up in the post.

This is also the answer for those people wanting to buy Zhu Zhu Pets in Australia, UK, etc, as Amazon can ship stuff to you.

Anyway, I'll leave it there for now. If you're chasing Zhu Zhu Pets, buying them from Amazon is the way to go!

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Zhu Zhu pets must be a lot of fun - my neighbor's kids are obsessed with theirs

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