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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters On The Web - 21 October 2009

Here are some of the recent Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters related picks from around the web over the last week or so:

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters On YouTube

There are loads of reviews and Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster related videos on YouTube, with more being added every day. Here are some of the best recent clips:

This is the official ad, which I've already posted before, but apparently this version is clearer and the sound is better.

This clip shows someone who got 3 packages in the mail filled with different zhu zhu pet items. It's quite long at 4 minutes and also pretty jerky (with a section of black screen in the middle), but may be worth a look.

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters On Twitter

Here are some of the best recent Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster related tweets, along with my comments in italics:

  • by Totzylala: on the look out for Zhu Zhu pets....
  • by SwissCookie: what are they? keep hearing about them RT: @ladybug_3777: I'm 4th in line at toys r us waiting for zhu zhu pets! Hoping to score!!!
  • by ladybug_3777: I'm 4th in line at toys r us waiting for zhu zhu pets! Hoping to score!!!
  • by ericstephani: Thank God Isabella is still too young for these Zhu Zhu Pets.
  • by motleyclimber: Spent the day in Lexington. Looked everywhere for the Zhu Zhu pets, finding only empty shelves. These critters are very elusive...
  • by ladybug_3777: Now i have to take random photos around the house to try and push the photos off the front page! Damn you zhu zhu pets AGAIN!!
  • by EllieAnnaPurses: YAY!!! My cousin found 2 more Zhu Zhu pets for my kids~only had 1!!!
  • by pintsizesocial: RT @IsabellaPrdcts Just like @pintsizesocial said, zhu zhu pets getting a lot of attention for a popular holiday children's gift
  • by bluepaintred: I have solved the mystery of why I cannot find anything related to Zhu Zhu pets in stores. Not available in Canada, Bastards.
    Perhaps they are available under the Go Go Pets branding? I've heard reports that they're being sold under that brand in Australia.
  • by ZhuZhuHunters: Mr. Squiggles to be at STL zoo this Saturday, zhu zhu pets giveaways! I wish I didn't have other plans cuz I want to GO!!!
  • by Caitsmomma: Zhu Zhu pets why must you be so elusive?
  • by PilarAsh: I hate that the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters are sold out at all the regular toy stores but you can find them on ebay for 2-3 times regular price
    I've noticed that too. I guess when something is as popular as the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters, there will be shortages. When there are shortages, the price will be inflated. I'm sure there are people out there making money off hot products such as the Zhu Zhu Pets. I agree that inflated prices suck, but that's the market economy in action. People don't have to buy them if they can't find them at the recommended retail price.
  • by ZhuZhuHunters: Is anyone finding Zhu Zhu Pets in odd stores??
    What sort of odd stores? Ones that sell odd things? I guess you mean small toy stores that aren't part of the big toy chains.
  • by meow154: Been looking for Zhu Zhu pets on line. Seems everyone is sold out or asking way to much! Have a kid that wants one bad!
  • by Fresh_Trendz: Breanna Monroe is a huge Zhu Zhu pets fan. Just Zhu Zhu pets EVERYWHERE! In the bathroom, On the steps, On the island, In my closet Ugghhh
  • by asparkle2: @lemonyhead zhu zhu pets this year. Got 3 pieces from 3rd party amazon seller last night at 2-3 x msrp. Rip off.
    See above. You didn't have to buy it! But understand the frustration.
  • by ZhuZhuHunters: There are reports that the Zhu Zhu Pets are NOT in this week's Target ad, but they ARE supposed to be put on shelves tomorrow! We will see!
  • by motleyclimber: Going crazy looking for Zhu Zhu Pets!(robo-hamsters) aka Mr Squiggles! Cant findem anywhere. Kristens b-day party next Sat. Clock is ticking
  • by lunabellcharil: wtf zhu zhu pets. What is so fun about watching a toy hamster play BY ITSELF?! I can imagine the novelty will only last about three minutes.
    The artificial intelligence in these things is fantastic. They don't just do they same thing over and over – their actions vary. I imagine it will take quite a while for the novelty to wear off. Of course it will, it does for most new toys, but I think it will last longer than on average.
  • by hedjemunkee: My mom ROCKS! She found 2 of those Zhu Zhu Pets for the girls. That was the hard to start working.
  • by miss_melissa_: @racharoo zhu zhu pets & an mp3 player & stuff. She's been feverish since thurs or else I would have considered it. She's def better today
  • by momtojande: Why are these Zhu Zhu pets so popular? Stores here are sold out and Amazon keeps raising the price.
  • by john_swaggerdap: @ladybug_3777 are zhu zhu pets the new furbies or something? I'm clearly out of touch
  • by ladybug_3777: Aaaaand.... No zhu zhu pets were there. Poor hubby!
  • by ladybug_3777: Hubby is outside of walmart right now with 4 other ppl waiting to see if they have zhu zhu pets. I'm warm in bed. God I love that man.
  • by LELakeZurich: Zhu Zhu Pets are now on sale at our Lake Zurich store location. Come on in and see what all the buzz is.
    Good news for those in Switzerland. You may have what the rest of the world is desperately searching for.
  • by TonyzCustomz: If I was a scalper I would be in heaven today. Every store has almost everything toy related. Even zhu zhu pets. Lol
    I bet they don't last. Those Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters will disappear like lightening!
  • by GirlMeetsCamera: Needs to get her hands on some zhu zhu pets ASAP.
  • by yahoosearchdata: Popular 'where to buy' searches on Y! this week: Zhu Zhu pets, Spanx, borax, diatomaceous earth, dry ice, acai berries, cheesecloth
  • by Kargach: Still recovering from getting up early to help Gen's sister buy Zhu Zhu Pets at Toys R Us.
  • by keen23: Desperately seeking Zhu Zhu pets. The kids have decided that they NEED them for Christmas this year. Way better than real hampsters I guess.
    Actually, I think real hamsters would be much better for kids, but of course in modern life, a high tech electronic hamster is more convenient.
  • by angieortinau: @hthrvghn Those dang Zhu Zhu pets are the talk of the web. Sold out everywhere! So glad Lucie isn't big enough to ask Santa for them.
    I think even Santa will have a tough job making sure that there are enough Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters around for Christmas.
  • by jedatu: Wife says people were waiting in line an hour before Toys-R-Us opened to try to get Zhu Zhu Pets.
  • by IsabellaPrdcts: shhhh...zhu zhu pets (@pintsizesocial)
  • by JNurse415: I am standing in line for zhu zhu pets & its raining. I must say I'm a good friend
    Yes you are a good friend, but you'll also be a very popular one if you can actually get some.
  • by pchristina: RT @JamesMurphy: The Next Big Craze...Zhu Zhu Pets!<----*is this something ur 1st graders like*

Final Thoughts

That's it for this post - I'll be adding more Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster updates from around the web every few days.

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