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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters On The Web - 28 October 2009

Here are some of the recent Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters related picks from around the web over the last week or so.

This time round, it's only stuff from Twitter, and I've tried to comment on each of them:

  • by Chellebaby75: Still looking for Zhu Zhu Pets - Hamster Ball if you see any Please let me know
    You can always try buying the Zhu Zhu Pets Adventure Ball online. Can't guarantee you'll get it, but it's a better approach than running around the different stores than don't actually have any in stock.
  • by ezza_bee: ok so i bought one of those zhu zhu pets for my daughter. she LOVES it. i just wish it didn't make quite so many noises. cat hates the thing
    Ha I never thought of that! You may want to be careful about buying a pet hamster toy if you already have real pets. The Zhu Zhu Pets are realistic enough to worry the other pets.
  • by quadrupled: is anyone at a walmart looking for zhu zhu pets right now?
    No! I'd much rather buy the Zhu Zhu pets online! It's much more convenient.
  • by gregorynice: You may have won this time Zhu Zhu Pets- but I'll find you soon enough
    Good attitude, never give up!
  • by mhousand: Where can I find Zhu Zhu pets
    As I've said before, you can buy them online!
  • by bestkidsgifts: Of the 325 toys we are tracking, Zhu Zhu Pets Mr. Squiggles is selling the most. Pipsqueek is running a close second. Zhu zhu owns the top 5
    No surprises there, the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters are going to be the hot toy this Christmas.
  • by egggman: @GTSADS hey, you have american connections... Can you source me some Zhu Zhu pets???
    You don't have to be in the US to buy them. You can always buy them online. Amazon ships overseas.
  • by jeantags: has a FAT box of zhu zhu pets and accessories in my office! Any YES I already played with them.
  • by bestkidsgifts: Based on some early data collection Zhu Zhu pets are way out in front as the hottest toys this year. More data to come.
  • by kkieliszewski: Death to all Zhu Zhu pets.
    That's a little unkind!
  • by irish_cdn: @valleygirls1976 ever hear of these toys? "Zhu Zhu Pets".. battery op hamsters with wheels etc... 2 months 'til Christmas! whoo!
    How can anyone have not heard of the Zhu Zhu Pets?
  • by AlecHugh84: zhu zhu pets guess this is gonna be like the furby and tickle me emlo deal any body remember tamagotchi's lol
    Yep, Zhu Zhu Pets are going to be right up there with all of those!
  • by HoustonDynamo: Dynamo Diesel, Dynamo Girls, John Michael Hayden giving away Zhu Zhu Pets 11-3pm at Methodist hospital-Baytown today
    Hey that's a great giveaway! Probably too late for anybody reading this, but keep your eyes out for other such giveaways. Of course it may be easier to just buy Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters online!
  • by TheGildaaa: My dream last night had the zhu zhu weird. Anyways, good morning! I think im getting a cold :(
    I'd love to know more about that dream!
  • by j1m6alaya: Zhu zhu pets are EVIL, & the inventer should be comitted!!!
  • by mlee425: Searching for zhu zhu pets and all the accessories to go with them....the life of an aunt to the best kid ever!!!
  • by kitterztoo: @theACET Yeah I hate that damn place. Swore I'd never enter the store. Unfortunately Zhu Zhu pets are only sold there and Toys R Us.
    Well you can also buy Zhu Zhu pets online, so you don't have to go to 'that damn place' wherever it is, you can just buy them from your living room!
  • by kitterztoo: @migrainemike I was attempting to find Zhu zhu pets. Latest fad. Then I got an aura. Sigh. They didn't have them anyway.
  • by ZoopSoul: Hey Zhu Zhu Pets, why do you have cars? You have friggin' wheels for legs! It's redundant!
    Hey everyone has a right to drive, even pet hamsters toys. Besides, have you seen them driving around in their little cars – they are just so damn cute.
  • by miss_leahg: Geez, these Zhu Zhu Pets are hard to come by. The Christmas toy war has already begun.
  • by OmerellColeman: hasn't been able to find those damn Zhu Zhu pets anywhere! Ugh.
  • by LambsTOYS: Go Go Pets - 2010 name change to 'Zhu Zhu' plus 4 New Characters - Jilly, Scoodles, Nugget and Winkie. Stock due 4th Week December
    Hey Hey! I've written about the new Zhu Zhu Pets (Jilly, Scoodles, Nugget and Winkie) but I didn't know the release date! That's so cool ­- Thanks. Everyone get ready to buy these new hamster toys. I'll update the listing of all Zhu Zhu products to include the new ones when they are available.
  • by geekgirldiva: Holy heck! Apparently Zhu Zhu pets are a big deal! The orders are flying in!
    And the Zhu Zhu Pets are flying out. They really are the hottest sellers at the moment!
  • by gprzyklenk: Let's see the power of twitter now... Who knows of a store that has Zhu Zhu Pets in stock?
    I'd suggest trying to buy the Zhu Zhu Pets online, but it's hard to find them anywhere at the moment, even online!
  • by shancakes: The hype over these damn Zhu Zhu pets is ridiculous! I need that durn Num Num tho and Mr Squiggles.. #needahookup
    Buy them online!
  • by ladybug_3777: @jamesburkett @SwissCookie Zhu Zhu pets are the hot xmas toy this year. Impossible to find without punching out an old lady... or two.
    Well I wouldn't go that far to get my hands on a Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster. 

Final Thoughts

That's it for this post - I'll be adding more Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster updates from around the web every few days.

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